About: The Streets

When simple street foods meets the spices from around the world, you can get a taste of a unique gastronomical experience on your palette.

StreetxWorld Blog is dedicated in featuring local and classic street foods made with a twist using spices around the world. Street food is a fast growing part of the culinary world, the possibilities are endless when it comes to the evolution of street foods. That is the reason why the creators of this blog would like to tackle street foods with the accompaniment of the interesting flavors from the spices.

The goal of the creators is to tickle the imagination of the readers to take the opportunity to create their own versions of a certain street foods. May this blog, be able to guide the readers on how to explore the world of street foods.

This blog is for the partial fulfillment of the course subject BAKIPA1, submitted by Mr. Thomas Jefferson Chua, Mr. Emmanuel Cruz, Mr. Hans Christian Ilagan, Mr. Richmond Ingco and Mr. Homer Dion Manas to Chef Leslie Bitoy.


Disclaimer: No copyright infringement is intended in the creation of this blog.

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