Extra: Vikings Review


Vikings is a luxurious buffet where you could eat a wide variety of food. Indulge and be overwhelmed in the almost endless selection of food and different cuisines as you go around buffet tables. It is a nice place to eat when you want to try different kinds of food from Western and Eastern foods.

Generally, it is a nice place to dine, but the only problem is that there are times that the food takes so long to be refilled, the steaks is has a tough texture maybe because it was overcooked, the grilled seafoods lacked seasoning, the Filipino streetfood “INIHAW” was undercooked (liver, gizzards, barbeque), Utensils was not clean thoroughly – you’ll see some food particles left and was greasy. Their service is quite fast but for me they focused on speed and compromised the quality of the product and service they give. I would visit again in this place but if my there won’t be any improvement, maybe I will not come again. It is expected to be a world class service since they are given many awards so they must show the customers that they are worthy of it


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  • Cruz, Emmanuel

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