Extra: Baguio’s Chocolate De Batirol

It is a sin to miss the Hot Chocolate of Chocolate De Batirol when you are in Baguio. You may enjoy lazy breakfast every morning but based on experience, you will maximize the experience when visit the shop at night. The cold breeze adds the feeling of coziness with drinking your hot chocolate.

Their hot chocolate is one of a kind because it is handmade. It was made with pure tablea and crushed peanuts, it is usually paired with their best sellers such as their Bibingka and suman. The sublime sweetness of the bibingka and suman complements the richness of the hot chocolate.

Chocolate De Batirol is open everyday from 8am until 10pm only. It is located at the Igorot Park area near Gate 2 of Camp John Hay (near Baguio Country Club). Aside from their foods and drinks they also sell specialty items such as homemade spreads and the likes.



Photo Source:

  • Ingco, Richmond

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