Bakery Review: Ar – Lin’s Bread Land

There are so many types of bakery here in the Philippines, from your high class bakeries to your street bakeries. We went to the street bakery to have that traditional feels as a Filipino. It has that traditional “turo-turo” kind of service, and it has a wide variety of choices, what I mean by wide variety, MANY, as in like more than 20 breads. It even has a cute pig bread! A PIG! Its has a ube filling and has a beautiful brown crust – for only sold for 100 pesos. It has that street feeling that from a long walk and wanted to have “Mesyenda”, this place is perfect. Pick from that wide variety of breads and pair it of with a ice cold bottle of Coke and your well satisfied. I’m telling you this because we have experienced it by our selves.

We were very satisfied with its breads and would want to go back. If your on the road and heading somewhere far and you are afraid to starve at the traffic, drive over to Ar-Lin’s bakery, open 24 hours, located at Ground floor, Mervin Terraces Building, 980 Pablo Ocampo Street, Malate, Manila. ENJOY!!!


Photo Source:

  • Ilagan, Hans Christian

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