Extra: Blueberry Temari Sushi

Blueberry Temari Sushi

This dessert has a unique approach unlike the popular crème brulee, Panacotta, Ice cream, cakes, crepes, crepe cakes, etc. It applies a modern twist to a classic Japanese sushi. The rice is flavored with coconut milk instead of Japanese vinegar. The topping that we used is blueberry rather than raw fish. But the techniques that is used is the form of a Temari. The flavor of the coconut milk bind the flavors of the rice and the blueberries. It’s a dessert that is sure you’ll have fun to make and will enjoy as a snack or dessert if you’re really a fun of rice.

Please refer to the link below for the video:

Photo and Video Source:

  • Ilagan, Hans Christian

Featured Image Source:


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